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Tommy Wind

Tommy Wind's daring and dangerous illusions will astound you.

Tommy Wind is a magician from Staten Island in New York City. He has performed in many of his own original shows, combining illusion with rock and roll music, in New York City, Atlantic City, New Jersey, and Las Vegas, Nevada.
Tommy began his career when he was only 7 after his grandfather introduced him to magic by showing him the disappearing hanky trick. He is now the youngest magician to perform in Las Vegas up to date.
Tommy Wind is a hip, young illusionist who combines his amazing magic and musical talents into a fun, unique show for all ages.
Tommy is an award recipient of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and was a winner of “Magician of the Year” award on the network TV special “World Magic Awards.”
He has appeared multiple times on the CW’s hit TV show “Masters of Illusion,“ most recently in 2017.

Jason Bird

Jason Bird is a magician widely considered one of the best of his generation.

He is best known for his interweaving of story and magic, unique one of a kind illusions, and pushing the boundaries of magic into new frontiers. His best known illusion debuted on national television in 2016 – in which he performed “Mr. Kindness” on the CW’s Masters of Illusion. In 2012, the Society of American Magician’s selected Jason’s “Deja Vu” illusion as a finalist in the annual SAM stage competition. A “backwards” act in which the magic occurs in reverse earned him a reputation as one of the most skilled and original magicians in the world. Named a thought leader in magic, transformation, and visionary leadership, whether conceptualizing large scale illusions as seen in the internationally televised “Mr. Kindness” illusion or designing sleight of hand innovations Jason continues to provide his expertise, advancing the art and direction of magic projects worldwide, designing magic and consulting for film, television and theater. An illusionist, a husband, a father, a dreamer, a doer, and an avid outdoorsman, he lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife and children.

Farrell Dillon

Farrell Dillon is one of the United States' most popular comedy magicians.

He is known for his regular appearances on 5 seasons of the CW Network's hit series Masters of Illusion. He has been nominated for Stage Magician of the year by the Magic Castle in Hollywood. He has toured extensively, performing in some of the United States' largest performing arts venues. He has toured in over 30 countries. He has been seen on TV on: ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, the CW, Nickelodeon, the Food Network, Pop TV, and My Network TV.

Greg Gleason

Greg has been touring with Masters of Illusion since 2014.

He is one of the top performing magicians in the world, doing shows literally all over the world. In Las Vegas, he starred in “The Wizard’s Secrets” at the MGM Hotel and Casino, performing a record-breaking 9000 shows there. Greg’s thrilling and cutting-edge performances have made him an international sensation. His shows exhibit his impeccable technique and a dedication to his craft that is rarely seen in modern illusion acts today. He was awarded “Magician of the Year” at the “World Magic Awards,” which is recognized as the International Academy Awards of Magic. It is from the “World Magic Awards” and the multi-award winning television series “Masters of Illusion” that the Masters of Illusion live tour was born. Greg has been featured multiple times on the hit TV series “Masters of Illusion,” most recently on the CW’s 4th straight season in 2017.

Chris Randall

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada - Chris Randall has swept the world of entertainment.

His style is a mix of classic sleight of hand and hilarious audience participation . He is currently one of the stars of the hit tv show The Masters of Illusion on the CW Network. Chris is also featured performer at the famed Magic Castle. He has shared his magic with over millions of people in over 36 counties including England, Switzerland, Greece, China, Thailand, France, Spain, Egypt Japan, Mexico, and Lebanon. Chris Randall is also a World Champion of magic winning multiple awards, including Stage Champion 2015 from the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He has also appeared on Princess, NCL, and Paul Gauguin cruise lines. Chris also travels the country performing at comedy clubs such as Sapphire Comedy Hour in Las Vegas and The Laugh Factory. He has also opened for Louie Anderson in Las Vegas and is currently one of the most sought out acts in the world today being hailed by the press as "The Must See Act."